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Night Booma LED Light-Up Outdoor Boomerang

Night Booma LED Light-Up Outdoor Boomerang

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The Wicked Night Booma has had a makeover! Now featuring 3 ultra-bright multicolour LED lights and spin ring for next level playability, this boomerang brings a new dimension of gameplay. Just like its predecessor, the Night Booma LED flies an amazing 20-25 metres and is guaranteed to return every time when thrown as instructed! The new multicolour LED lights flash brightly day or night, creating a trail of light whenever it’s thrown.

This isn’t just any old boomerang - the central spin ring is great for spinning the Night Booma LED on your finger! You don’t even need to be able to throw the boomerang to see the LED lights in action! What’s more, each light has multiple configurations so why not mix and match to create your own unique light show! Ages 8+

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